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SIXLESS: Women’s Jewelry at $6 or less.

Jewelry tends to be an expensive item to purchase. Women want to wear attractive jewelry to spice up their outfits and keep up with the trends, but finding high quality, attractive jewelry at low price can seem almost impossible. Sixless is proud to announce the launch of our website that will offer jewelry for $6 or less. sixless.com provides shoppers with fashionable trinkets that can fit anyone’s budget, whether if it’s a gift or for personal collection. There’s something for every gal.

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10 Amazing DIY Necklaces Tutorials

In the following post, we will show you the amazing DIY tutorials for making unique and beautiful necklaces. Don’t be afraid to start those projects, it will be interesting and in return you will get a specific and original necklace. Enjoy!

Amazing DIY Necklaces Tutorials 10 Amazing DIY Necklaces Tutorials

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Women Skin Beauty Tips

I’ve got a confession to make… Ladies with lovely skin all have their own tricks. So why do we always keep secrets from one another? Is it that imperative that you look greater than another person? Here is a quick assortment of several of the beauty tips coming from various civilizations all over the world. Most of them have been passed on for hundreds of years, however for a few generations; everyone was looking towards the future and was much less considering what the past simply had to offer you. Little by little, but certainly, that is changing.

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Top 4 Women Business Ideas

The total number of women held businesses in the United States improved by Forty three present in between ’97 and ’06, nearly double that of most businesses. In the United Kingdom, about 20,500 new firms were started out by women within the 1st quarter of ’06, a rise of over thirty present in the same quarter this past year. Increasing trend in females beginning their own businesses is really a global trend.

 business women 650x432 Top 4 Women Business Ideas

Based on research by 3 notable women’s organizations The Committee of 200, Catalyst and, NFWBO the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, ladies who start their businesses are mainly influenced by an entrepreneurial concept. Entrepreneurship provides the possibilities to put into action business ideas and offers women a feeling of acknowledgement because they do the job for themselves. [Read more...]

Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Workplace

In society, we meet many people of different backgrounds of religion, ethnicity, race, gender identity/expression, sex, and marital status. It is of importance to treat people with respect in the workplace, even if one has different views. Sodexo, a global company dedicated to improving lives across the world, talks about The workplace of tomorrow and issues that go on in the workplace, from health issues to cultural differences. It is a reality that the workplace is filled with people of different background and so, it would be beneficial to educate employees and prevent discrimination from occurring at work.

121015 1C4300868 121015 women workplace 839a.blocks desktop large 650x494 Cross Cultural Understanding in the Workplace

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Magnificent Glitter Eyeshadows for Glamorous Look

If you decide to go to a party and want all eyes to be on you, you need to try following spectacular eye makeup strategies. You should consider various make up options. When was the last time you applied glitter eyeshadow?  Do you know how to put on eye shadow with sequins? If you’ve never applied it, you need to try it out. Sparkle eyeshadow will surely highlight your eyes and as a result you will get a gorgeous look. Once you mastered the skill of applying eyeshadow glitter, you can utilize this technique to make your eyes look stunning.

Magnificent Glitter Eyeshadows for Glamorous Look Magnificent Glitter Eyeshadows for Glamorous Look

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New Year’s Eve Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorials

The big evening is around the corner, so we thought maybe some of you would need a little bit inspiration and ideas for makeup looks. New Year Eve is probably the most exciting night of the year, so it’s important to ring in the new year with a perfect face and remarkable makeup.

Really important suggestion is that eye makeup is usually messy, and you can get smudging mascara or flakes of eye shadow. Avoid wasting time by doing your eyes first, then clean up the surrounding area before applying your foundation.

With these step by step tutorials, you will look extra special in the craziest night of the year. Enjoy!

New Years Eve Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorials New Years Eve Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorials

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Awesome Nail Art Ideas

Nail art with rhinestones, crystals, pearls and studs make you nail designs twinkle and shine. We provide you big selection of nail art ideas to help you create amazing designs. Do experiments with the numerous nail art designs you can find bellow and make your nails unique and beautiful.

Awesome Nail Art Ideas Awesome Nail Art Ideas

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Cigna Helps Those Harness Their True Potential

Unlock your true potential. Challenges may feel like roadblocks in life, but that does not mean you cannot overcome them. That is the idea behind global health service company Cigna’s new online gathering place for individuals dealing with peer-pressure, body image, self-confidence, career and parenting issues. The website, Cigna Go You Hub (www.goyou.cigna.com) introduces people from all walks of life who have struggled and decided enough was enough. There are myriad tips and ideas written by professionals focusing on how one can face challenges head on. It reminds individuals that nobody is perfect and that it is never too late to better oneself.

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Eyeliner Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials

Whether you want to know how to create a basic straight line, perfect your cat-eye, or learn creative new tricks, consider this your complete guide to all things eyeliner. Eyes can be elaborated, enhanced and exaggerated with any eyeliner. There are a lot of stylish, fun eyeliner styles out there, because trends change every day. Some styles are classic, and they’ll never get retired, but there are plenty fun, funky, brand new eyeliner trends on the rise as well. One little line can transform your makeup look in a big way, so be courageous enough and try following ideas.

Eyeliner Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials Eyeliner Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials

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